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Moonstone Gardens offers the most
unique wedding experience in Southwest
Iowa. Guests will be instantly transported
to another world as they enter gardens,
lush with wildflowers, large grassy
spaces, and enchanting rustic elegance.  
As the sun sets on the gardens  it
transforms into a romantic wonderland
with magical lighting and flickering
candlelight. Dine among the trees, dance
under the stars and be a part of a night
truly worth remembering.
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Our Vision

Each wedding at Moonstone
Gardens directly reflects the
couple; who they are, where
they come from, and what their
future holds—surrounded by
family, friends, great food, and
the splendor of Mother Nature.
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We strive to make the
planning process a
wonderful, joyful time
of celebration and
anticipation. Wedding
planning, like the
farming process, has a
number of stages and
grows naturally
through working
together every step of
the way. Plant the
seed today by
contacting our event
staff to schedule a
Moonstone visit.
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Simple Guidelines

Garden weddings are becoming
increasingly popular, and more and
more garden wedding venues are
popping up to meet the demands.

Here are some things to consider for
your garden wedding ceremony:

1. Visit the venue beforehand. Keep in
mind all the factors that are required
for the convenience of your guests-
the size, the parking, the rest areas,
the nearby shade, the neighboring
area etc. Ideally, visit the site at the
same time of day you plan to have
your ceremony. That way, you can get
the best idea to organize your site so
that you and your guests are not
blasted by the sun.

2. Find out if any other events are
being held at the location on your
wedding date. It is always better to
avoid a venue with multiple events
running parallel.
3. Find out if chairs are provided. If
not, find out if chair rental is permitted.
If they are, choose wooden chairs.
Wooden chairs are the best options
since metal chairs get scorching hot in
the sun.

4. If you are planning to get married in
the summer, find out if there is shade
where the ceremony is being held.
Also, keep your guests hydrated. You
could offer lemonade or sparkling
water before the reception. Make your
programs in the shape of fans so
guests can fan themselves.

5. Keep decorations simple. Gardens
need little adornment.

6. When choosing a wedding gown,
there aren't general rules for dressing
for a garden wedding, other than that it
should strike the right note between
elegant and not too casual. Also, keep
your make-up simple and light. Using
nude, light colors will keep the face
looking fresh and simple.

7. Don’t choose flowers that can’t
stand the heat. If you are working with
a florist, s/he should be able to guide
you in the right direction. No matter
what type of flowers you choose,
bouquets should be kept in a vase of
water in a shady spot when not in use.
Keeping a spray bottle handy and
misting your flowers lightly every hour
or so can also help to keep them
vibrant. Give your garden wedding
flowers a drink and they will thank you
by staying beautiful.

8. Go with the flow. Garden weddings
are less predictable than weddings
indoors. Be prepared for inclement
weather. Like all outdoor weddings,
garden weddings are at the mercy of
the elements. If Mother Nature decides
to go a little wild, then your garden
wedding could turn into a garden
nightmare. That’s why there are tents
and back-up plans. Even if the weather
is perfect, unexpected things like bird
droppings, sirens and bee stings are
always possibilities.
moonstone lavender gardens wedding setting iowa
moonstone lavender gardens table setting wedding iowa
moonstone lavender gardens wedding setting iowa
moonstone lavender gardens bride wedding iowa
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Basic Events Pricing
A Garden Wedding

The bride and
A lush landscape...radiant
The wedding...unforgettable.